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It all started when Norman Garfield opened his small store in Cicero in 1951. As the years went by Norman’s son Bruce talked his dad into letting him work in the family business. At that time no one could have seen where it would end up today. 


When Bruce eventually took over operations, the Garfields had been operating two successful locations for the better part of two decades under the name Cardinal Wine and Liquors. In time, like his father before him, Bruce’s son David stepped up to join the family business. 


With David now fully entrenched in the family business, the two of them decided it was time to expand and in 2008 the Garfields started building new stores as well as acquiring existing locations. The family decided to drop the Cardinal Wine and Liquors name and operate their stores under the Garfield’s moniker to pay homage to the generations before and differentiate themselves in the market.


Now, with 9 locations, Garfield’s Beverage still operates as a family-run business and continues to offer a wide variety of product at competitive prices and unparalleled customer service. Stop in and see for yourself, we look forward to making your family a part of ours!