Makers Mark Private Select 2.0

Makers Mark Private Select 2.0

Makers Mark Private Select version 2.0

After being a part of the initial launch of the Makers Mark Private Select barreling program we couldn’t wait to get back and bring a new recipe to our customers.  This trip we took down managers from all of our locations and put their pallets to the test.  We split up into two teams and made a variety of blends before taking the top two blends from each team head to head.  Naturally we split up geographically so there was some friendly competition.  After a quick 5 minute break we took a walk back into the cave to do a blind pick and we came out with a pretty great bottle.  This bourbon is has a great base layer with the Makers 46 with bright notes of citrus and orange peel to really liven it up.

1- Baked American Pure 2

2 – Seared French Cuvee

5 – Makers 46

3 – Roasted French Mocha

1 – Toasted French Spice

We did Run into one issue while we were down there, we wanted more.  After much begging we were able to secure a second barreling of Makers Private Select with a different recipe.  This bottle, which formerly was distillery only is a bottle that many of us have been asking about for some time.  The Bill Samuels Jr. edition which is Makers 46 at Cask Strength.  Get this one while its available and save yourself the trip down to Loretto while you can.  (Just kidding – Loretto is hallowed ground!)