Garfield’s Beverage Warehouse offers the best wine selection in Barrington, Chicago, Crystal Lake, Niles, Norridge, and Palatine. Come see for yourself.

E Guigal – Cotes du rhone

One of the most recognizable name in the Rhone region Guigal consistently creates stunning wines at value pricing. This red which is mostly syrah based explodes with energetic flavors of ripe cherry and dark berry showing subtle hints of smoked earth and chocolate drenched dark fruits on the long elegant finish. Versitale with food pairing well with everything from delicate fish to juicy steaks. Easy to see why this is our best selling French wine.


Love Noir – Pinot Noir

A darker more fruit forward pinot noir than what you might be used to but that’s the beauty. Rich black plum, fresh picked cherries and strawberries are wrapped in a cocoa dusted blanket that broadens in the mouth before surrendering to a sensuous finish. A great wine that you could easily pay 20 bucks for. Thankfully you can have it for just $12


Insurrection – Shiraz / Cabernet

Glad to see Australia making a comeback after a few years of not being cool enough for the trendy wine geeks. We don’t play by those rules – what’s in the bottle is all we care about. This one comes packed with ripe dark fruit, lurking in the background is baked plum waiting to pounce on the palate before giving way to a long finish sprinkled with shaved dark chocolate. The quality at this price is ridiculious.

Austerity – Chardonnay

We have been begging for a chardonnay that was creamy, full bodied and loaded with ripe fruit for under $20 seemingly forever. Our prayers have been answered. Dripping with apricot, pear and apple flavors caressed beautifully with a buttery finish kissed with crème brulee. For those that are looking for more out of their chardonnays – look no further.


Honig – Sauvignon Blanc

With Summer right around the corner time to be thinking patio pounders and we can think of nothing better. Fig, pear, and green apple blossom in the mouth drenching the palate giving the feeling of being on an exotic island. Oh well the backyard will have to do for now. Even if summer never comes this is an exceptual bottle that begs for salads and seafood.

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