Old Forester Barrel Pick in Stock

Calling all cocktail aficionados!! A few months ago we had the pleasure of heading down to Louisville to find the perfect barrel of Old Forester for your enjoyment.  As always I think that we delivered.  This trip was an interesting one as we learned much more in depth to the production process and barreling process… Read more »

Tasting Information

The dates listed below will be the times and locations of our upcoming tastings.  Hopefully you can make it our to one of these events to try something new! Barrington All Tastings on Saturdays from 1-5pm 3-18 / 4-15 / 5-13 / 6-24 / 7-15 8-12 / 9-16 /10-15 / 11-18 / 12-16 Palatine 3/3… Read more »

Makers Mark Private Select Barrel Release

A few months back we took advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime, we participated in the first ever Makers Mark Private Select Barrel program. What is the Private Select barrel you ask?  It is when we take Makers Mark Cask Strength and select the Oak Stave Combination that will lay with the bourbon for… Read more »

Wine Tasting Saturday April 23rd 1-4pm

Come join us for the kick off of our new loyalty program with a wine tasting!   On Saturday April 23rd we will have over 20 wines for you to sample and enjoy all while getting to learn a little more about some brands that you may not have heard of.  We will also have… Read more »

Hennessy Prestige Dinner

  Come join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity for dinner and the Hennessy Prestige Experience.  This event will be presented by Maurice Hennessy, Eighth generation Maison Ambassador for the House of Hennessy.   Space is Limited so RSVP is required.  You can contact Matt@GarfieldsBeverage.com for more information

National Bourbon Day Celebration June 14th @ Palatine

What is the second best day in the calender every year besides the Fourth of July?  If you’re on our website you probably answered much like we do, NATIONAL BOURBON DAY!!  In celebration of this great, historic, patriotic day we will be hosting an event to unveil a new product extension from the Old Forester… Read more »

April 4th Sonoma Cutrer Sampling

Join us from 1-4pm to sample some Chardonnay from Sonoma Cutrer.  We will be sampling out their Sonoma Coast Chardonnay.  Whether it is re-visiting an old friend or an opportunity to try something new, we hope you are able to join us! Saturday 4.4.2015 From 1-4pm. 340 W Northwest Highway Barrington, IL. 60010