Makers Mark Private Select Barrel


It might have took us 9 tries but we definitely got this one right.  Using our own stave selection for the finishing aspect we were able to spice up the nose and keep a full mouth finish.  Serious hints of mocha with a little slice of burnt orange keep this guy on track.  Bottled at cask strength.


Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Garfield’s Single Barrel


Don’t let the first part of the name fool you, this product packs a punch!  Kentucky Spirit is an item that has been around for ages but never gets the recognition it deserves.  For our single barrel we tried a batch of 8 different samples and found one that hits on every note of what a perfect bourbon should entail.  This single barrel sat in the house for a minimum of 9 years and every sip shows it.  You will find notes of caramel and toffee that hit the pallet perfectly.  The brown sugar finish gives it some legs to boot.


Amador Whiskey Company Double Barrel


A little truth in labeling is always a good thing, especially when it comes out with something as great as this product.  Amador, a Non-Distiller-Producer hand selects barrels of whiskey made in Kentucky than ages them on the second finish with their families Napa Valley wine barrels.  You’ll discover complex flavors of vanilla, oak, brown sugar and spice. Enjoy this unique Bourbon with Kentucky pedigree and California flair.



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