Now available at your Garfield’s stores, Hand Selected Barrels!

We have been hard at work these past few months hand selecting some very special whiskey and tequila for your enjoyment.  We currently have 3 hand selections available for purchase now as well as a few more coming in the next few weeks.  These special packages are exclusive to our Cardinal Family and highlight the best notes in each of the brands that we selected.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel – Garfield’s Beverage Warehouse Edition $49.99

As many of you know Jack Daniels Single Barrel is part of the upper echelon of their portfolio.  We had the opportunity to fly down to Lynchburg, TN to sample a few different selections from their Single Barrel houses.


After a very tough debate we ended up selecting Barrel No 13-4592.  In this Single Barrel you will find a nice Cherry nose with a bold finish.   It is interwoven with notes of butter scotch and aromatic fruits throughout.   It was definitely a tough selection as we enjoyed all three that we tried.  From our selection is a limited run of 42 cases of this once in a lifetime taste profile.



Now available at all locations Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

Now available, Jack Daniels the way it used to be.


Noah’s Mill Kentucky Bourbon

It is not often that I can find a 114 proof Bourbon that drinks like a tall glass of water.  But this time, we found it.  Noah’s Mill by the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers is a complex yet delicate bourbon that hits on every major taste bud.  Noah’s Mill starts off with hints of rye but finishes off with a smooth touch of Caramel and Toffee.  Definetly a bourbon to check out for the bigger and bolder!

750ml – $49.99

Whistle Pig Rye

Best way to start this one is don’t be afraid of a Rye Whiskey.  100% Rye Whiskey aged at 10 years with a 100 proof is nothing to be taken lightly.  In this little gem you have the perfect amount of rye, age, and spices to make any whiskey advocate a little nuts.  Whistle Pig received the highest ever rating by a wine magazine at 96 points upon its release back in 2010.  This little guy hasn’t taken a look in the rear view mirror since.

750ml – $71.99

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Better priced for an everyday kind of bourbon, Buffalo Trace delivers a punch for not much damage in the pocket book.  It has a soft finish with a lot of depth.  5 stars for quality and value.

750ml – $24.99


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