Calling all cocktail aficionados!!

A few months ago we had the pleasure of heading down to Louisville to find the perfect barrel of Old Forester for your enjoyment.  As always I think that we delivered.  This trip was an interesting one as we learned much more in depth to the production process and barreling process of Old Forester.  From 1870 to present day they have been turning out some great products and we are happy to add our name on the line.


Entering their barrel house was quite the experience.  Old Forester uses heat cycles to help with aging the whiskey.  As we walked in it was the end of a cycle, the angels definitely took their share.  The air must have been 20 proof!  After theiving some whiskey the tasting was under way.  We sampled at Cask strength than diluted to about 90 proof to what is on the shelves today.  You get a crisp banana nose which mellows out to a smooth finish.  With being at 90 proof we find this barrel to make a fantastic Old Fashioned.


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